Plan Options

Eating on campus has never been so easy! Your meal plan is loaded directly on your student ID for use at any of our dining locations. No need to remember cash or credit cards. You can also add to your meal plan at any time!  To purchase a meal plan, add flex dollars, or make a change to your meal plan, contact the Office of Student Affairs at (503) 517-1003, or If you have questions about dining at Warner Pacific University contact Joel Santana at, or (503) 517-1029.

Resident dining plans are designed for students living on campus. With all-you-care-to-eat access to the Egvedt Dining Hall, you can choose from four distinct dining stations offering different items, along with a salad bar, a dessert bar, and beverages of all kinds!  Resident meal plans also include flex dollars, which can be used to purchase coffee drinks, snacks, sandwiches, and much more at Tabor Grind, our campus coffee shop.  Flex dollars can also be used in the dining hall to purchase a la carte items, or full meals.


If you want to be sure you have the opportunity to eat your fill at the dining hall as often as possible, this is the plan for you!  This is a great plan for any student, but especially great for athletes and students who spend ALL their time on campus and need access to fuel frequently! 
14 meals per week + $300 in flex


For the student on the go, this plan offers similar accessibility to food during the week as the Platinum plan, but with a few less meals, a few less flex dollars, and a smaller price tag. 
10 Meals per week+ $115 in flex


For the price-conscious student, this plan offers a total of 50 meals for the entire semester. 
50 Meals +$50 in flex

Bronze I

Even if you live off campus, a meal plan is a great way to make sure you're making the most of your time when you are on campus.  The Bronze I plan gives you a total of 16 meals and $150 in flex, so you can fuel up in the dining hall if you want to, or grab a quick coffee at Tabor Grind if you're in a hurry. 
16 meals + $150 in flex


Living off campus doesn't mean you shouldn't get any of the perks of the resident students!  The Commuter plan gets you $170 in flex dollars, which can be used at Tabor Grind, OR to purchase a la carte items at Egvedt Dining Hall. 
 $170 in flex
These meal plans offer access to the Egvedt Dining Hall for non-resident students, faculty, and staff.  Get all-you-care-to-eat access for breakfast, lunch or dinner, even if you don't live on campus!  You can also purchase flex dollars and get bonus bucks, making your money even more valuable!
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Block 20

25 meals for the price of 20!

Price: $208.00

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Block 10

12 meals for the price of 10!

Price: $110.00